Gamer’s Must Play: I Am Future – Cozy Apocalypse Survival

In the ever-evolving realm of video games, a new gem has emerged that promises to redefine the post-apocalyptic survival genre. “I Am Future” is not your typical tale of battling hordes of zombies or scavenging for every scrap of food; instead, it offers a unique and captivating experience of creating a tranquil life in a world forever changed by environmental catastrophe. Developed by Mandragora and published by tinyBuild, this game has already garnered attention for its distinctive take on the apocalypse.

Unraveling the Story – Plot: A Flooded World “I Am Future” transports players to a bleak future where Earth’s seas and oceans have risen to catastrophic levels, submerging entire cities and landscapes. While humanity as a whole managed to escape the planet’s watery grip, not everyone was so fortunate. The stage is set in Cosmopolis, a towering metropolis where corporate giants once clashed over transhumanist ideals.

Within one of Cosmopolis’s skyscrapers lies a cryogenic capsule, a vessel of salvation that held the game’s protagonist. Awakened from an indefinite slumber, our hero finds himself utterly alone in a brave new world. Survival becomes paramount, and the journey begins with the clank of a mechanical arm and the resolve to persevere. But beyond securing sustenance, there are enigmas to unravel. What led to the apocalypse? What secrets lie hidden in the past?

Crafting Your Survival

Gameplay Mechanics: Thriving in Adversity “I Am Future” offers a refreshing isometric perspective on survival gameplay. Survival isn’t about fighting off waves of enemies but rather about embracing the mundane and finding beauty in everyday tasks.

One of the game’s central mechanics involves establishing a rooftop garden in the building where our protagonist awakens. This verdant oasis quickly transforms into a self-sustaining farm, where the land is cultivated, and fruits and vegetables are grown. But sustenance doesn’t stop there. Crafting a fishing rod opens the door to diversifying meals, emphasizing the importance of resourcefulness in this altered world.

Crafting is a cornerstone of the game. As you progress, you’ll discover blueprints that hold the key to creating essential tools and even robotic companions. These mechanical companions become your steadfast allies, aiding in your daily chores and embarking on expeditions to gather resources, blueprints, and clues about the world’s downfall.

The apocalypse has given rise to new, mutated species, like the menacing night-dwelling worms that ravage crops and electronics on your farm. Building defensive structures and devising countermeasures becomes crucial, or you risk sacrificing hard-earned rest to protect your harvest.

Freedom in the Apocalypse – Game Modes: Beyond the Story “I Am Future” isn’t just about following a predefined narrative. It also offers a sandbox mode that grants you the freedom to chart your own path in this post-apocalyptic world. There are no objectives tying you down, no restrictions to stifle your creativity – just you and the world to explore.

Why Gamers Love Survival Games – Survival games have carved out a special niche in the gaming world, and it’s no mystery why gamers are drawn to them. These games offer a unique blend of challenge, immersion, and creativity that taps into some of our most primal instincts. Gamers love survival games because they provide a sense of agency and accomplishment. From scavenging for resources and crafting essential items to building shelters and mastering the art of survival, these games empower players to navigate harsh, unpredictable worlds and conquer adversity. The thrill of outwitting danger, the satisfaction of self-sufficiency, and the freedom to craft your own story in the midst of chaos are all compelling reasons why gamers find survival games so irresistibly captivating.

Aesthetic Pleasures – Technical Aspects: A Vibrant World Visually, “I Am Future” is a treat for the eyes. The game boasts colorful, appealing, and cartoonish visuals that set it apart from the gloomy and desolate landscapes typical of the genre. This artistic choice infuses the game with a unique charm that makes every moment in this world a visual delight.

Release and Availability

“I Am Future” made its debut in Early Access on August 8th, 2023, and is available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. Players can dive into the game’s evolving world and witness its growth as it progresses towards a full release planned for 2024.

In conclusion, “I Am Future” offers a fresh and enthralling take on the survival genre, encouraging players to embrace the challenge of not just surviving but thriving in a world forever changed by nature’s wrath. With its engaging mechanics, captivating storytelling, and visually charming aesthetics, this game is a must-play for gamers seeking a cozy apocalypse survival experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about “I Am Future”

Is “I Am Future” a single-player or multiplayer game? 

“I Am Future” is primarily a single-player game, allowing players to immerse themselves in their own post-apocalyptic journey.


What platforms can I play “I Am Future” on? 

The game is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store, ensuring accessibility for PC gamers.


Can I expect regular updates and new content in Early Access? 

Yes, Early Access offers players the opportunity to experience the game’s growth, with updates and additional content planned leading up to the full release in 2024.


Is combat a significant part of the gameplay in “I Am Future”? 

No, combat is not the focus of the game. “I Am Future” emphasizes crafting, resource management, and building a peaceful life in the post-apocalyptic world.


Are there any plans for console releases in the future? 

As of now, “I Am Future” is available on PC platforms, and any plans for console releases have not been officially announced.

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