Gamers Must Play: Europa Universalis IV – Lions of the North

Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the North – Dive into Baltic History

In the ever-expanding universe of Europa Universalis IV, the addition of each DLC enriches the gaming experience, and none more so than “Lions of the North.” This latest expansion, released on September 13th, 2022, immerses players into the intricate politics and warfare of the Baltic Sea nations during the early modern era.


Features and Additions

Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the North introduces an array of new features and additions, enhancing gameplay and providing fresh challenges for seasoned players. The DLC includes new mission trees and historical options tailored for several Baltic Sea nations, offering players the opportunity to shape alternative histories through their decisions.

  • New Mission Trees and Historical Options – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and other nations around the Baltic Sea receive intricate mission trees, each presenting unique objectives and paths for players to explore. From pursuing commercial dominance to resisting external influences and forging new destinies, players can navigate through diverse scenarios, ensuring unparalleled replayability.
  • Unique Government Reforms and Unit Types – In addition to mission trees, Lions of the North introduces unique government reform options for many nations in the region. These reforms enable players to tailor their governance according to their strategic objectives and historical context. Furthermore, the expansion brings new unit types into play, such as the Swedish Carolean infantry and Polish-Lithuanian Winged Hussars, adding depth to military strategies.
  • Estate Privileges and Visual Enhancements – The Lions of the North also introduces new estate privileges for regional powers, providing additional layers of depth to diplomatic and internal affairs. Moreover, players can enjoy thirty-five new unit sprites representing Scandinavian and Baltic nations, enhancing the visual experience of battles and campaigns. Additionally, six new musical themes immerse players further into the ambiance of the era.

Game Mechanics

One of the most compelling aspects of Lions of the North is its focus on non-linearity and replayability. The branching missions offer players the freedom to shape the course of history, presenting them with choices that have far-reaching consequences. Whether liberating Finland from Swedish rule or deciding the fate of Danzig, each decision contributes to a unique narrative, ensuring every playthrough feels fresh and unpredictable.

Technical Aspects

It’s crucial to note that Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the North is not a standalone expansion and requires ownership of the base game. However, for enthusiasts of the series, this addition breathes new life into familiar territories, offering countless hours of strategic gameplay. Furthermore, the expansion brings thirty-five new unit graphics and six thematic musical compositions, enhancing the visual and auditory experience.


In conclusion, Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the North stands as a testament to the franchise’s commitment to historical accuracy and immersive gameplay. With its rich tapestry of missions, reforms, and visual enhancements, the DLC promises to captivate both veterans and newcomers alike, inviting players to rewrite history and carve their path to glory amidst the lions of the north.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the North

  • Is Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the North a standalone game?
    • No, it is an expansion pack for Europa Universalis IV and requires ownership of the base game to play.
  • Can I play Lions of the North on platforms other than PC?
    • Currently, the expansion is only available on PC.
  • Are there any new unit types introduced in the Lions of the North?
    • Yes, the expansion introduces new unit types such as the Swedish Carolean infantry and Polish-Lithuanian Winged Hussars.
  • How does the non-linearity of the game impact gameplay?
    • The non-linear nature of Lions of the North allows players to make decisions that lead to alternative historical outcomes, increasing replayability and unpredictability.
  • What is the significance of the release date, September 13th, 2022?
    • September 13th, 2022 marks the release date of the Lions of the North expansion, offering players the opportunity to delve into the rich history of the Baltic Sea nations in Europa Universalis IV.
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