NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Edition: Your Must-Have Software for Disk Management

In today’s digital age, efficient and secure disk management is crucial for every Windows user. Whether you’re dealing with a cluttered hard drive, system errors, or data migration, having the right software can make all the difference. That’s where NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Edition comes into play. This magic partition software is designed to streamline your disk management tasks and keep your data safe. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the features and benefits of NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Edition, its release date, and the platforms where you can access it.

NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Edition is an all-in-one disk partition management toolkit compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (both 32 & 64 bit). It’s renowned for its safety, efficiency, and versatility in managing disk partitions.

A Closer Look at the Features

  1. Shrink, Extend, Move, and Merge Partitions – When your system C: drive or any data volume becomes full, starting over is not the solution. NIUBI Partition Editor simplifies resizing allocated partitions safely and effortlessly. You can shrink volumes, generate unallocated space, or extend volumes by utilizing free space from other partitions. Plus, it employs advanced technologies to safeguard your system and data, ensuring that your resizing operations are 30% to 300% faster than other tools.
  2. Fix File System Errors and Defragment Partitions – To enhance your computer’s performance, NIUBI can help you fix file system errors and defragment partitions. This optimization process results in improved efficiency and responsiveness from your system.
  3. Scan Disk for Bad Sectors and Data Migration – NIUBI’s scanning feature allows you to check your disk partitions for bad sectors and safeguard your data. Additionally, it simplifies the process of copying disk partitions to migrate data, ensuring that your important files remain intact.
  4. Create, Delete, Format, Hide, Active, and Convert Partitions – The software offers a wide range of partition management options, such as creating new partitions with free unallocated space, formatting existing partitions, changing drive letters, and setting partitions as active for booting Windows OS. It also provides the ability to hide partitions from File Explorer to prevent unauthorized access and set partitions as read-only to protect your important files from modification.

How NIUBI Simplifies Disk Management?

  1. Resize/Move Partition – NIUBI allows you to resize partitions easily and safely, eliminating the need to start from scratch. You can shrink volumes and generate unallocated space or extend volumes by taking free space from other partitions. With its advanced protection mechanisms, your system and data remain secure throughout the process. The user-friendly interface enables you to accomplish these tasks with a simple click, drag, and drop on the disk map, and at a speed that’s unmatched by other tools.
  2. Merge Partitions with Ease – Merge adjacent partitions into larger ones with just a few clicks, all without losing any data. This feature simplifies disk organization and maximizes your storage space.
  3. Copy and Convert Disk Partitions – NIUBI Partition Editor can convert disk partitions without compromising data integrity. Whether you need to convert from MBR to GPT, NTFS to FAT32, or between primary and logical partitions, it’s all achievable with a few clicks. Additionally, the software offers fast cloning capabilities to migrate your operating system and data seamlessly.
  4. Data Security and Privacy
    1. Erase Data – NIUBI Partition Editor goes the extra mile to ensure your data’s privacy. Even after file deletion, formatting, or partition deletion, your sensitive data can still be recovered by professional tools. To prevent this, NIUBI can securely erase data, including wiping entire hard disks, single partitions, or unallocated space, using both simple and military-level algorithms.
    2. Hide Volume – To prevent unauthorized access to critical data, you can hide partitions from File Explorer with ease. If the need arises, you can easily unhide them.
    3. Set Read-Only – Another layer of security is setting a partition as read-only. This prevents any unauthorized modifications to files, ensuring data integrity.
  5. Efficient Disk Partition Management
    1. Create and Format Volumes – NIUBI Partition Editor allows you to create new partitions using free unallocated space, offering more options than Windows Disk Management. You can also format existing partitions as new drives, though be aware that this process will result in the loss of all data on the formatted partition.
    2. Change Drive Letters and Set Active Partitions – The software provides the flexibility to change the alphabet letter assigned to a partition volume (e.g., C, D, E). Additionally, you can specify a partition as active, which is necessary for booting Windows OS.
    3. Cleanup and Deletion of Disk Partitions – For those moments when you need to remove partitions entirely, whether it’s an entire hard disk or a single partition, NIUBI Partition Editor simplifies the process. It also allows you to change the label of a partition for easier recognition.
    4. View Properties and Disk Initialization – With the software’s “View Properties” function, you can easily check the detailed parameters of a disk or partition. Additionally, new hard disks should be initialized before creating partitions and saving files, and NIUBI simplifies this initialization process.
  6. System Optimization for Peak Performance
    1. Surface Test and Bad Sector Detection – Bad sectors can wreak havoc on your data and slow down your computer. NIUBI Partition Editor’s Surface Test can scan single partitions or entire disks to detect and address bad sectors, ensuring data integrity and system efficiency.
    2. File System Check and Repair – File system errors can lead to data corruption and performance issues. NIUBI helps you check and repair these errors to ensure the integrity of your file system.
    3. Defragmentation for Improved Efficiency – Disk defragmentation is crucial for optimizing partition read and write efficiency. NIUBI simplifies this process, resulting in a smoother and more responsive system.

Unique Features that Set NIUBI Apart

  1. 1 Second Rollback for Instant Recovery – One of the standout features of NIUBI is its 1 Second Rollback capability. This means that if any software or hardware issue occurs during a disk partition modification, the software will automatically revert your computer to its original state in a flash. This level of safety is unparalleled in the world of disk management tools.
  2. Cancel-at-will for Risk-Free Operations – Mistakes happen, but with NIUBI, they don’t have to be costly. You can cancel ongoing operations at any point in time without losing data, ensuring that your disk management tasks remain risk-free.
  3. Bootable Media Creation – NIUBI Partition Editor allows you to create bootable CD/DVD/USB discs with just a few clicks. This can be a lifesaver when your system encounters boot issues.
  4. Virtual Mode for Pending Operations – In NIUBI’s virtual mode, the operations you perform are listed as pending, and no changes are made to the real disk partition until you confirm by clicking “Apply.” This feature minimizes the risk of unintended changes and provides you with complete control over the process.
  5. Lightning-Fast Disk Management – Thanks to its unique file-moving algorithm, NIUBI can resize and move partitions 30% to 300% faster than other tools, saving you time and ensuring efficient disk management.

Why Choose NIUBI Partition Editor?

NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Edition stands out as the go-to solution for all your disk management needs. Its unmatched safety features, lightning-fast performance, and user-friendly interface make it the top choice for both beginners and advanced users. With NIUBI, you can confidently manage your disk partitions without the fear of data loss or system instability.


In conclusion, NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Edition is an indispensable tool for anyone seeking efficient, secure, and versatile disk management on Windows. Its extensive list of features, unique safety mechanisms, and lightning-fast performance make it a must-have software for optimizing disk space, improving computer performance, and safeguarding your data.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you can take control of your disk partitions like a pro. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a casual computer user, NIUBI Partition Editor is here to simplify your disk management tasks and keep your data safe.


Is NIUBI Partition Editor compatible with Windows 11?

Yes, NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Edition is fully compatible with Windows 11, as well as other Windows operating systems.

Can I recover data from a partition after it has been wiped using NIUBI Partition Editor?

No, NIUBI’s data wiping feature employs military-level algorithms to ensure that wiped data is permanently unrecoverable.

How do I create a bootable CD/DVD/USB disc with NIUBI Partition Editor?

Creating a bootable media is a straightforward process within the software. Simply follow the built-in instructions to create a bootable disc for system recovery.

Is it possible to resize a partition without losing data using NIUBI?

Yes, NIUBI Partition Editor allows you to resize partitions safely without data loss, thanks to its advanced protection mechanisms.

Can I use NIUBI to change the drive letter of my Windows partitions?

Absolutely, NIUBI makes it easy to change the drive letter assigned to a partition volume, giving you more control over your storage.

With NIUBI Partition Editor at your disposal, you can effectively manage your disk partitions with confidence and ease. Say goodbye to disk space issues and data management concerns – NIUBI has got you covered.

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