What is digital distribution?

Digital game distribution is the process of distributing computer games over the Internet, without the need for physical media such as CDs or DVDs. As part of digital distribution, games are made available for download via digital platforms such as Steam, GOG.com or Epic Games Store.

Digital distribution of games has many benefits for both publishers and players. Publishers save costs associated with the production, distribution, and storage of physical media, and have more control over the distribution and management of their products. And players can easily and quickly download games without leaving home, have access to more titles, and can often take advantage of lower prices.

One of the main challenges related to the digital distribution of games is the fight against piracy. Game distribution companies must use appropriate safeguards to prevent illegal copying and distribution of their products.

There are many digital platforms in the gaming market that offer digital distribution of games. Some of the most popular digital platforms include:

  • Steam – the largest digital platform, owned by Valve Corporation. It offers the largest amount of games as well as social features such as chat, forums, and achievements.
  • GOG.com – a platform owned by CD Projekt Red, which specializes in the distribution of DRM-free games. It offers older games, but also new titles.
  • Epic Games Store – a platform that has been rapidly gaining popularity over the last few years. It offers exclusive titles and lots of free games every week.
  • Origin – a platform belonging to Electronic Arts, offering games from this publisher, as well as many other productions.
  • Uplay – Ubisoft’s platform, offering games from this publisher, as well as social features and reward points.

Other popular digital platforms include Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop and Battle.net.

Why is the fight against piracy important for game distributors?

The fight against piracy is important to game distributors for several reasons:

  • Reduction of financial losses – Piracy causes financial losses for game publishers and developers, because people using pirated copies do not pay for legal copies of games. These losses can be significant, and the gaming industry is still growing, so any additional source of income is very critical.
  • Copyright protection – Piracy violates the copyright and intellectual property of game publishers and developers. The fight against piracy protects these rights and prevents them from being violated.
  • Enhancing customer confidence – Game publishers and developers must reassure customers that their products are safe and legal. The fight against piracy allows for the detection and elimination of illegal copies of games, which strengthens the trust of customers and builds the company’s reputation.
  • Improving product quality – When many people use pirated copies of games, game publishers and developers do not have access to feedback from customers and cannot improve the imperfections of their products. By reducing piracy, companies can collect information from customers and improve the quality of their products.

Does K4G participate in the digital distribution of computer games?

Yes, K4G also participates in the digital distribution of games. Game keys are serial numbers that allow you to activate the game on a given digital platform, such as Steam, Origin, GOG.com or Epic Games Store. Online stores offering game keys allow customers to purchase legal copies of games at lower prices than in traditional stores, which contributes to increasing the distribution range of games and the popularity of digital platforms.

However, it is worth remembering that some stores offering game keys may operate illegally, offering keys from unauthorized sources. Always make sure that the store where you intend to make the purchase is legal and offers keys from legitimate sources.

K4G is run according to the highest standards, offers the best game offers from only legal and proven sources from verified partners. In addition, K4G will provide support and protection for buyers, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Do gamers like digital game distribution?

There is still a discussion whether traditional distribution of games is not better than digital distribution. However, players are changing their habits and often choose a faster, more convenient and more reliable method of purchasing games, which is digital distribution.

Gamers like digital distribution of games for several reasons:

  • Convenience – Buying games digitally is convenient because you can buy them without leaving your home. All you need is an internet connection, and then you can download the game directly to your digital platform.
  • Speed – Digital distribution allows you to download and install games quickly, which is much faster than traditional distribution based on physical media such as CDs or DVDs.
  • Availability – Digital distribution allows easier access to games from other regions, which can be especially important for players who want access to games that are not officially available in their country.
  • Keeping games permanently – Buying games digitally means there’s no need to store boxes or discs, and the games are always available in the player’s account, even if the hardware is changed or the media is damaged.
  • Often lower price – Online stores offering digital copies of games often offer lower prices than traditional game stores, which attracts players and encourages them to buy digital games.

In general, digital game distribution is convenient, fast, accessible, and sometimes cheaper, which makes it attractive to many players.

What is game streaming?

Game streaming is a technology that allows gamers to play games remotely without having to download and install the game on their device. In this case, instead of downloading the game to their computer or console, the player connects to the streaming service through their device and uses cloud computing to render the game and stream its video to the player’s device. This allows the player to play games that do not require high performance hardware, while enjoying graphics and gameplay at a level that would normally require a much more powerful PC or console.

Game streaming works similarly to movie or music streaming, where the user uses a video or audio streaming service, and the content itself is stored in the cloud. Game streaming can be accessed through a variety of platforms, including web browsers, consoles, or dedicated apps. Currently, popular game streaming platforms include NVIDIA GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, PlayStation Now, Amazon Luna and Steam Link.

Can players use purchased keys to use game streaming?

No, players cannot use purchased game keys to stream games because game streaming works differently than traditional game distribution based on keys or physical media. In the case of game streaming services, the player does not download or install the game on their device, but instead connects to a streaming service that renders the game and streams its video stream to the player’s device.

In this case, when a player uses a streaming service, their access to the game is based on a subscription or purchase of a license to use the service, and not on the purchase of a key or physical medium. This means that there is no need to enter a key or install the game, and the player can use the service simply by logging into their account.

Therefore, if a player wants to use a game streaming service, he must purchase a subscription or purchase a license to use the service. Purchasing a game key or physical media does not grant access to streaming services, as game streaming works by accessing the game through the service, not by downloading and installing it on the player’s device.

Game streaming is constantly evolving and gaining popularity among gamers. However, it is the digital distribution of games that is becoming the most popular method of purchasing games and game keys. This is due to many factors, such as the previously mentioned low prices, a wide selection of titles and immediate availability. At K4G, players can find the best deals on great games.

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