The best upcoming platformer games of 2023

Platformer games are action games in which the main character moves through the levels, jumping over obstacles, avoiding traps and fighting enemies. Often, in order to advance to the next level, the player must solve some puzzles or follow a certain sequence of moves.

Platformer games combine elements of action and puzzle games and are frequently characterized by colorful, friendly graphics and simple but effective mechanics. Examples of popular games in this genre include Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Rayman, Donkey Kong Country, and Cuphead.

Why do gamers like platformer games?

Players like platformer games for several reasons. Firstly, platformer games usually offer interesting challenges and challenging puzzles, which attracts players who like to try their skills.

Second, these games typically have intriguing stories, characters, and worlds, which allows you to immerse yourself in the game and discover new things.

Third, platformer games regularly offer unique and original gameplay mechanics that are hard to find in other genres. Ultimately, many gamers enjoy platformer games because of the nostalgic feelings associated with their childhood games, which were often the dominant genre at the time.

Where did platformer games start?

Platform games started to emerge and gained momentum in the 1980s, and were originally called the “jump-and-run” genre. The first games of this type were characterized by simple graphics and simple gameplay mechanics.

Examples of such games include Donkey Kong (1981), Mario Bros. (1983) or Pitfall! (1982). Platform games quickly gained popularity and became one of the most recognizable genres of video games. For many, they remain iconic and important as a milestone in the development of computer games.

Can platformer games only be played with a game pad?

No, platformer games can be played not only with a pad, but also with a keyboard and mouse. The choice of equipment depends on the individual preferences of the player and the type of platform on which the game is available. Some platformer games are specifically designed to support controllers, but most can be played on a variety of input devices.

Moreover, some games provide special challenges that can only be completed by playing on the computer keyboard, which often provides greater accuracy and control over the character.

Do platformer games contain elements of other types of games, and why?

Platformer games typically include elements of other types of games, as this allows you to diversify the gameplay and add new challenges for players. Examples of additional mechanics in platformer games include:

  • RPG elements – some platformer games allow you to develop the skills of the hero and adapt him to your own style of play.
  • Combat – Some platformer games include a combat system that allows you to defeat your opponents in direct combat.
  • Logic puzzles – Platformer games often feature logic puzzles that require players to think and think outside the box.
  • Competition – some platformer games allow you to compete with other players, e.g., in speedrun mode.
  • Adventure elements – some platformer games have an extensive plot and allow you to explore the world and interact with other characters.

An example of platformer games that include additional mechanics is Super Mario Bros. with RPG elements, Ori and the Blind Forest with logical puzzles and Hollow Knight with an extensive plot and combat.

Will platformer games be released in 2023?

Platformer games are still being released in 2023 and are popular with gamers. Many new productions in this genre are regularly introduced to the market, both by independent developers and larger studios. Examples of new platformers released in 2023 can be games such as Hollow Knight: Silksong, which is being developed, or a new game from the Mario series.

It is worth noting that many platformer games offer much more advanced mechanics and often have more than one type of game hidden in them. The creators are trying to stand out on the gaming market to encourage players to choose their game.

What platforms are platformer games released to?

Platformer games are most regularly released on platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, as well as on PCs – via platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Store or GOG. However, they are also increasingly being released on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Not all games have the option to cross save between platforms, but this feature is becoming more and more popular, especially in platformer games. The main reason why platformers offer a cross save option is to give players the freedom to decide which platform they want to play on without having to start the game over.

In addition to the convenience for players, the cross save option benefits game publishers and developers who can extend the reach of their game by making it available on different platforms. This allows the game to reach more players, and those who purchased the game on one platform can continue playing on another without having to buy the game again or start over.

What platformer games are worth waiting for in 2023?

These are exciting platformer games titles that offer a unique experience for players and are worth keeping an eye on as they release over the next few months of 2023.

Disney Illusion Land

Disney Illusion Island is an exciting side-scrolling game that takes players on a thrilling adventure alongside the iconic character of Mickey Mouse. As they traverse through a variety of locations, they jump onto platforms, swing over pits, swim, avoid traps and enemies, all while unlocking new skills to help them reach previously inaccessible areas and face new challenges.

With Disney’s legacy behind it, the game also features Monoth’s residents and reveals the island’s secrets. As players immerse themselves in the game, they get to experience the magic of Disney and the beloved character of Mickey Mouse, making it a must-play for fans of the franchise and platformer games in general.

Nine Sols

Nine Sols is a unique blend of Taoism, Far East mythology, and cyberpunk, taking players on a journey to an original world. The game is set in New Kunlun, a kingdom protected by sacred rituals, where ancient deities are worshiped by its inhabitants.

As players progress through the game, they take on the role of Yi, a forgotten hero consumed by a burning desire for revenge against the divine rulers of New Kunlun. With each step, they uncover the dark secrets of the kingdom’s builders, delving deeper into the game’s rich lore.


Afterimage invites us to explore the enchanting realm of Engardin as an adventurer in search of its hidden secrets and challenges. This side-scrolling game offers a sprawling world that’s divided into several levels.

As we traverse through the different locations, we come across various inhabitants and uncover the mysteries that lay within. Our journey requires us to employ quick reflexes and agility to deftly maneuver through the levels, avoiding obstacles and traps along the way.


Replaced immerses players in an alternate version of 1980s America, specifically the fictional Phoenix City. As players progress through the game, they take on the role of R.E.A.C.H., an artificial intelligence trapped in a human body against its will. Throughout the game, players uncover the dystopian city’s dark secrets.

The Last Night

The Last Night takes place in a sprawling futuristic city that offers an open-world experience. Divided into four unique sections, each with its distinct architecture and atmosphere, the city’s diverse areas provide a varied gameplay experience. As a spy, players are hired by private employers to complete tasks that range from stealing cars to assassinating specific targets.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Of course, the most anticipated independent game of the year couldn’t be missing. In the prequel to the first installment of Hollow Knight, we will face new challenges. In Hollow Knight: Silksong, we take on the role of Hornet, the princess of the insect kingdom of Hallownest. After being captured and transported to an unknown domain, she must regain her freedom and uncover the reason behind her capture. To achieve these goals, she embarks on a pilgrimage to the highest peak of the land.

Platformer games continue to attract players. Although this genre was created many years ago, new titles are still being created, as well as remasters and remakes of old classics. Platformers are popular because of their simplicity, but at the same time they can provide a lot of fun from the game. Many of them also have an interesting storyline and unique gameplay elements, which attracts players who are looking for something new and interesting to play.

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