Gamer’s Must Play: DiRT Rally 2.0 GOTY Edition


Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping rally racing experience that will leave you at the edge of your seat. DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year (GOTY) Edition is not just another racing game; it’s a thrilling journey through some of the world’s most challenging rally locations. In this article, we will delve deep into the world of DiRT Rally 2.0, exploring its captivating story, the rally racing genre it represents, its release date, available platforms, and what makes it an absolute must-play for gamers.

The Story Behind DiRT Rally 2.0

DiRT Rally 2.0 challenges you to conquer a series of iconic rally locations worldwide while navigating the most powerful off-road vehicles ever crafted. Every twist and turn of the course is fraught with peril, and the smallest mistake could mean the end of your stage. To succeed, you must rely on your instincts and the guidance of your co-driver. With eight official circuits from the FIA World Rallycross championship and a lineup of licensed Supercars and support series, the game offers an authentic rally experience like no other.

Dive into the Rally Racing Genre

For rally racing enthusiasts, DiRT Rally 2.0 is a dream come true. The game boasts an impressive roster of over 50 historic and modern-day rally cars, including renowned names like the VW Polo GTI R5, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, and Citroën C3 R5. These vehicles become your trusted companions as you navigate the breathtaking terrains of New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Poland, Australia, and the USA. The game’s improved handling, realistic surfaces, and dynamic environments provide an immersive and authentic off-road racing experience.

Release Date and Platforms

DiRT Rally 2.0 roared onto the gaming scene on February 26th, 2019, initially launching on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This marked the beginning of an exciting journey for gamers eager to put their driving skills to the ultimate test.

What Sets DiRT Rally 2.0 GOTY Edition Apart

The Game of the Year Edition of DiRT Rally 2.0 takes the already incredible experience to new heights. It includes not only the base game but also all four Seasons DLCs, along with the Colin McRae Flat Out Pack. What’s more, this edition supports Virtual Reality (VR), pushing the boundaries of realism and immersion. Whether you’re a seasoned rally pro or a newcomer to the genre, the GOTY Edition offers a comprehensive and thrilling experience that’s hard to match.

The Realistic Mechanics of DiRT Rally 2.0

DiRT Rally 2.0 proudly stands as a realistic rally simulator. It takes into account a multitude of variables, such as road surface conditions, weather dynamics, and even the accumulation of gravel on your tires, which directly affects their grip. Real-world support systems like traction control, track stabilization, and ABS come into play, aiding players in their rally endeavors. However, it’s important to note that one wrong move can lead to a dramatic turn of events, adding an exciting layer of difficulty and realism to the gameplay.

Game Modes for Every Player

DiRT Rally 2.0 offers a wide array of game modes, catering to solo adventurers and multiplayer enthusiasts alike. Players can choose to partake in the World Rally Championship, engage in single rallies, or compete with fellow players through extensive network functions. The game caters to every skill level and playstyle, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.

Technical Marvels of DiRT Rally 2.0

The three-dimensional graphic design of DiRT Rally 2.0 is nothing short of exceptional. Every location is meticulously crafted, and every vehicle is recreated with meticulous attention to detail. The lighting system, realistic weather effects, and the mechanics responsible for vehicle damage and dirt accumulation contribute to the overall immersion. Developed by Codemasters, the game holds a full license from the FIA World Rallycross Championship, guaranteeing an authentic rally racing experience.


In the competitive world of rally racing games, DiRT Rally 2.0 GOTY Edition stands tall as a definitive choice. Its perfect blend of realism, immersive mechanics, and captivating gameplay make it a must-play for gamers seeking an adrenaline rush and a genuine rally experience. So, if you’re ready to push your rally racing skills to the limit, this is the game that will test your mettle.

FAQs about DiRT Rally 2.0

Can I play DiRT Rally 2.0 on platforms other than PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One?

No, the game is exclusively available on these platforms.

What is included in the Game of the Year Edition of DiRT Rally 2.0?

DiRT Rally 2.0 GOTY Edition comprises the base game, all four Seasons DLCs, and the Colin McRae Flat Out Pack.

How realistic is the driving experience in DiRT Rally 2.0?

DiRT Rally 2.0 offers an exceptionally realistic driving experience, factoring in various elements such as road surfaces, weather conditions, and vehicle wear and tear.

Does DiRT Rally 2.0 support virtual reality (VR) features?

Yes, DiRT Rally 2.0 GOTY Edition of the game supports VR, enhancing immersion for players.

Is DiRT Rally 2.0 officially licensed by the FIA World Rallycross Championship?

Absolutely, DiRT Rally 2.0 GOTY Edition is fully licensed, ensuring an authentic and true-to-life rally racing experience.

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