Gamer’s must play: KARLSON

Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of “KARLSON” – a game that defies the norms of traditional gaming. It’s a unique blend of fast-paced first-person shooting, fluid parkour, thrilling slow-motion effects, and an unconventional element – a deep love for milk. Scheduled for release in 2024 on PC via Steam, ‘KARLSON’ is poised to be a groundbreaking addition to the gaming landscape, offering an experience that is as exhilarating as it is unique.

Unpacking ‘KARLSON’: A Unique Fusion

KARLSON‘ is not just a game; it’s a genre-defying adventure. The fusion of FPS, parkour, and slow-motion gameplay creates a symphony of high-octane action and elegant movement. The game’s milk-centric theme adds a layer of humor and eccentricity, setting it apart from other titles. It’s a daring experiment in combining different gameplay elements to create something both familiar and wholly original.

The Gameplay Experience

The heart of ‘KARLSON‘ lies in its innovative gameplay. Imagine vaulting over obstacles, engaging in high-speed shootouts, and executing stylish parkour moves, all while time slows down to highlight your every action. The game’s diverse arsenal, ranging from conventional firearms to more exotic tools like swords and grapple guns, adds depth to the combat, allowing players to approach challenges in various creative ways.

Storyline and Setting

In ‘KARLSON‘, the storyline is deceptively simple yet engaging. You step into the shoes of Karlson, a character trapped in a strange, scientifically advanced facility. Accompanied by Billy, a robotic ally, your quest revolves around collecting every milk carton in sight, navigating through a maze of challenges and adversaries. The narrative, while not overly complex, provides a compelling backdrop to the frenetic gameplay.

Game Modes and Features

KARLSON‘ caters to a wide range of players with its variety of modes. The single-player story mode offers a narrative-driven experience, while the multiplayer mode introduces competitive and cooperative elements. The map editor is a standout feature, empowering players to craft and share their unique levels, significantly enhancing the game’s replayability.

Developed by Dani Deverson: The Creative Mind Behind ‘KARLSON’

Behind ‘KARLSON‘ is Dani Deverson, a developer renowned for his innovative approach to game design. Known for titles like ‘Muck’ and ‘Crab Game’, Deverson brings a unique perspective to the FPS genre. His previous endeavor, a 2D version of ‘KARLSON’, laid the groundwork for this ambitious 3D project.

Technical Aspects and Graphics

Visually, ‘KARLSON‘ adopts a minimalist yet impactful style. The game’s environments are sleek and futuristic, with a focus on clean lines and functional design. This simplicity in design is cleverly juxtaposed with vibrant and dynamic special effects, especially in combat scenarios, creating a visually stimulating experience.

Player Community and Anticipation

The announcement of ‘KARLSON‘ has generated significant buzz within the gaming community. Its distinct gameplay and humorous narrative have garnered attention and sparked curiosity among gamers worldwide. There’s a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation for its release, with players eagerly discussing strategies and sharing their expectations.

Preparing for ‘KARLSON’: What Players Should Expect

As the release date for ‘KARLSON‘ approaches, players are advised to hone their reflexes and familiarize themselves with various combat tactics. The game’s blend of FPS and parkour elements will require quick thinking and agility. Prospective players are encouraged to stay updated on news and developments, as the game might introduce new features or updates post-launch.


KARLSON‘ is shaping up to be a game that will not only entertain but also innovate. Its unique blend of genres, combined with Deverson’s creative vision, sets it up to be a memorable and influential title in the gaming world. As 2024 approaches, the excitement for ‘KARLSON’ only grows, promising to deliver an experience that will resonate with gamers long after its release.


What makes ‘KARLSON’ unique in the crowded FPS market?

‘KARLSON’ distinguishes itself with its blend of FPS, parkour, slow-motion, and a quirky focus on milk, offering a fresh take on the genre.


How does the map editor enhance ‘KARLSON’s gameplay?

The map editor allows players to create and share custom levels, adding endless possibilities and community-driven content to the game.


What can players expect in terms of ‘KARLSON’s difficulty?

Players should anticipate a blend of challenging and enjoyable gameplay, with a learning curve that rewards skill and creativity.


Are there plans for post-launch content for ‘KARLSON’?

While specific plans are not yet disclosed, the potential for post-launch updates and expansions could further enrich the game’s experience.


How can players stay updated on ‘KARLSON’s development?

Players can follow Dani Deverson’s social media channels and gaming forums for the latest news and updates on ‘KARLSON’.

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