In what price ranges are game serial keys sold?

Are you a gamer who is always looking for the best deals on games? It’s not really surprising. After all, everyone loves a good bargain. The K4G platform is one of those places where value goes hand in hand with quality.

In this article we will take a look at the price ranges for game keys on K4G. We will also discover how to take advantage of promotions and sales to find attractive deals. Let’s get started!

Factors influencing the price of game keys

Buying a game on the K4G platform is not only great fun, but also an opportunity to acquire interesting titles at attractive prices. However, it is worth considering what influences the price of game keys. Here are some key factors that can influence the final price range.

The type of game – indie or AAA

The price of game keys largely depends on whether the game is an independent title (indie) or a title developed by a major company (AAA). Independent games are often available at lower prices due to their smaller production budgets. On the other hand, AAA games offer a much larger scale, better graphical effects and more elaborate environments, resulting in higher prices.

Age of the game – new release or older title

New releases tend to cost more, but their price drops over time. For older titles, you can expect lower prices, especially if the game has been on the platform for a long time.

Game edition: standard or special (e.g. collector’s edition)

Game key prices also vary depending on the edition. Standard editions are the cheapest option, but for real game fans it is worth considering buying a collector’s or special edition. These include extra items such as exclusive in-game items, soundtracks or even figurines or posters. Of course, you will have to pay for these extras.

Promotions and sales

There are regular promotions and sales on the K4G platform, where you can buy game keys at much lower prices. It’s also worth considering joining the K4G VIP subscription, which gives you additional benefits – daily, weekly and monthly promotions, extra purchase protection and priority technical support.

The K4G platform offers players a variety of game genres, ensuring that there is something for every virtual entertainment lover. Some of the most popular genres on K4G include role-playing, simulation, strategy, adventure and racing games. You can easily search for your favourite categories and set the appropriate price ranges to see which titles fit your current budget. Our search engine also allows you to sort your content from lowest to highest price.

But first, let’s take a look at the most popular categories and their price ranges.

  • RPGs – Role-playing games reign supreme in faraway lands where you develop a character, uncover secrets and fight epic battles. On K4G you’ll find classics like The Witcher 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as well as newer releases like Elden Ring. Prices for these games range from a few euros for lesser known or older titles to just over 100 euros for the latest productions.
  • Strategies – mental challenges, long-term planning and resource management are key features of strategy games. On K4G you will find classic RTS games as well as turn-based strategies such as Civilization VI. Price ranges are similar to RPGs – from a few dollars for older titles to over 100 euros for the latest productions.
  • Adventure games – fans of immersive storytelling, puzzles and exploration will appreciate the wide range of adventure games on K4G. Life is Strange, The Walking Dead or The Last of Us are just some of the titles available. Prices start at just a few euros for less popular or older titles and go up to tens of euros for the latest hits.
  • Racing – speed, competition and adrenaline are the qualities that define racing games. K4G offers both arcade games such as Need for Speed and realistic simulators such as Forza Horizon 5. Prices for these titles also range from a few euros to tens of euros, depending on the age and popularity of the game.
  • Simulation – games that transport you to another world – from the popular The Sims series to classics like Project Zomboid. And let’s not forget FIFA 23 or Farming Simulator. On the K4G platform, you will find most titles in price ranges from a few tens of euros to several hundred euros for very large game editions.

Tips for buying game keys on the K4G platform

Here are some useful tips to help you buy game keys at attractive prices on the K4G platform. We encourage you to put them into practice so that no price range on K4G is out of reach for you!

Take advantage of promotions and sales: K4G regularly offers promotions, such as seasonal sales or daily deals. Keep an eye on the platform pages to keep up to date with the latest discounts. You may be able to pick up keys to your favourite games at significantly reduced prices.

Subscriptions and other services to save you money on keys: K4G platform offers the K4G VIP subscription, which provides users with additional benefits such as exclusive promotions or lower prices on many games. The subscription fee quickly pays for itself if you buy games frequently and take advantage of the discounts offered.

Use the platform’s price comparison feature: K4G offers a price comparison tool that allows you to easily see how much you can save on your game purchases. It is a good idea to use this tool before making a purchase to ensure you are choosing the most cost effective option. Compare regular prices with post-promotion prices and check out the benefits of a K4G VIP subscription.

Remember that a wise purchase is not only a matter of price, but also of game quality and gameplay satisfaction. By following the advice above, you’ll gain access to a wide range of games on the K4G platform at attractive prices, while enjoying the best titles from a variety of genres.

Why buy game keys on K4G?

  • Financial benefits: The K4G platform offers attractive promotions, discounts and a wide selection of games and software, allowing you to save up to tens of per cent on retail prices. Game and software keys are also the perfect gift for a loved one, making it easy to choose the right game or program.
  • Fast access to software: K4G guarantees almost instant access to games and programmes once payment has been processed, eliminating the time spent waiting for physical copies to be delivered. In addition, the platform allows digital backups to be stored, making it easy to reinstall software.
  • Access to a wide range of games and exclusive add-ons: The K4G platform offers a wide range of games and applications, from the most popular to the lesser known, but still noteworthy. Key holders also have access to exclusive extras such as in-game items or additional missions.
  • Environmental aspects: Buying keys is an ecological choice, saving materials and energy associated with the production and distribution of physical media. This choice contributes to the protection of the environment and natural resources.
  • Convenience and software library management: game and software keys make it easier to manage our library on the K4G platform, allowing us to use software on multiple devices without having to carry physical media.
  • Security and legality: by purchasing keys on K4G, we can be sure that we are using legitimate software, avoiding the problems associated with piracy. The platform ensures the security of customers’ data by offering tested and popular programmes.

How do I buy game keys on K4G and activate them?

Buying game keys at is extremely easy thanks to our intuitive ordering process. Just follow four simple steps to enjoy the product of your choice:

  1. Find the product you are interested in and click “Buy Now”. – A window will open to confirm your selection. If you want to add more products, select “Continue Shopping”. Otherwise, click ” Go to checkout “.
  2. At checkout, select your preferred payment method and click “Order and Pay”. The system will ask you to login or register and then take you to the payment gateway.
  3. After payment, you will be redirected to the order page where you will receive your key. Click on “View Key”, copy the code and start playing your newly purchased game.

If you are in any doubt about how to activate the key you have purchased, please use the Activation Guide – the icon can be found at the top right of the product page. By following the instructions in our knowledge base, you will be able to activate your key seamlessly and start enjoying the game.


Buying games at K4G is a simple and enjoyable process, and with the ability to select price ranges, you can find interesting games at the right price. In our shop you’ll find the latest titles with attractive promotions, as well as older titles you won’t find anywhere else. By offering the opportunity to sell game keys on our website, we ensure competitive prices and a wide range of products. So if you are looking for your favourite titles or are interested in new ones at special prices, check out our games and enjoy a quick and easy purchase.

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