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price Affiliate Program – promote and make money

What is What is an affiliate program? Can gamers use affiliate programs? Is Affiliate Program trustworthy? What are the most popular ways to make money online? What are the basic rules of Affiliate... VIP Discounts

Why are VIP memberships important in online stores offering digital goods? What is VIP membership? Do VIP membership offer periodical discounts? Why do gamers like discounts? Why are VIP memberships important in...

How does the price comparison tool work?

Price comparison websites on the Internet are special websites that allow you to compare the prices of products offered by various online stores. Often, built-in price comparison engines are built directly into the online store if it offers the same...

In what price ranges are game serial keys sold?

Are you a gamer who is always looking for the best deals on games? It's not really surprising. After all, everyone loves a good bargain. The K4G platform is one of those places where value goes hand in hand with quality. Factors influencing the...

Become K4G VIP Customer

Let’s start with the basics – a VIP member is a Very Important Person – it’s no different on K4G.
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Become K4G VIP Customer