Gamer’s most wanted premieres: Hollow Knight: Silksong

Hollow Knight: Silksong is an upcoming two-dimensional platformer game and the sequel to Hollow Knight. Developed by Team Cherry, it falls under the metroidvania sub-genre, characterized by exploration, combat, and a non-linear map structure.

In the game, players assume the role of Hornet, the princess of the insect kingdom of Hallownest. Hornet is captured and taken to an unknown realm, and players must guide her to regain her freedom and uncover the reasons behind her captivity. The ultimate goal is to embark on a pilgrimage to the highest peak of the land.

The gameplay in Hollow Knight: Silksong builds upon the mechanics introduced in the first game. It features a two-dimensional platforming experience with an emphasis on combat and exploration. The maps have an open structure, allowing players to uncover secrets and engage in side adventures alongside the main quest line.

During gameplay, players must navigate environmental hazards, collect items, and solve puzzles. Combat plays a significant role, with over 150 new types of enemies to face. Hornet possesses a unique set of moves and attacks, differentiating her from the protagonist of the first game. The game also includes a crafting system that enables players to create weapons and traps.

Hollow Knight: Silksong is a single-player experience. Once the main campaign is completed, a new gameplay mode called Challenge Silk Soul becomes available, offering a different set of rules and providing a challenge for seasoned players.

The game boasts beautiful two-dimensional visuals with a captivating graphic style. The soundtrack, composed by Christopher Larkin, is a notable aspect of the game, continuing the tradition established in the first installment.

What is Team Cherry?

Team Cherry is an independent video game development studio based in Adelaide, Australia. The studio was founded by three individuals: Ari Gibson, William Pellen, and David Kazi. They came together with a shared passion for creating games and a desire to craft unique and immersive experiences.

Team Cherry gained recognition and acclaim with their debut game, Hollow Knight, which was released in 2017. Hollow Knight is a critically acclaimed metroidvania-style platformer known for its atmospheric world, challenging gameplay, and beautiful hand-drawn art style. The game received praise for its intricate level design, engaging combat mechanics, and rich lore.

The success of Hollow Knight propelled Team Cherry into the spotlight, earning them a dedicated fan base and numerous awards. The studio’s commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident in the game’s polished mechanics and immersive storytelling.

When Hollow Knight: Silksong is set to be released?

There is no official release date announced for Hollow Knight: Silksong. However, if the game follows a typical development timeline, it is possible that it could be released sometime in the second half of 2023.

What platforms will Hollow Knight: Silksong be available on?

Hollow Knight: Silksong is expected to be available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This means that players will have a variety of options to experience the highly anticipated sequel to Hollow Knight. 

What are the key features of Hollow Knight: Silksong?

There are five key features of Hollow Knight: Silksong:

  1. Expanded World: Hollow Knight: Silksong introduces a new realm for players to explore, expanding upon the already immersive world of Hallownest. Players will venture through diverse environments, uncovering secrets, and encountering new characters.
  2. Play as Hornet: In this sequel, players take on the role of Hornet, the princess of Hallownest. Hornet possesses a unique set of moves and attacks, providing a fresh gameplay experience compared to the first game.
  3. Challenging Combat: Hollow Knight: Silksong emphasizes combat, offering an acrobatic combat system. Players will engage in battles against more than 150 new types of enemies, utilizing Hornet’s diverse repertoire of moves and attacks.
  4. Metroidvania Exploration: As a metroidvania platformer, Hollow Knight: Silksong features a largely open map structure, encouraging exploration. Players will navigate through intricate levels, discovering hidden areas, solving puzzles, and collecting items.
  5. Crafting System: The game introduces a crafting system, allowing players to create weapons and traps. This system adds depth to gameplay, providing opportunities for customization and strategic choices.

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