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What is K4G VIP all about? How do I join?

Do you want to buy games at attractive prices and have access to promotions? Do you dream of having access to additional benefits on our platform? Check out K4G VIP - an innovative subscription programme designed to meet the needs of even the most...

What are in games? What types are they?

Loved by many, considered completely unnecessary by others. In-game items are objects that players can buy in the virtual world to improve their character or add variety to the gameplay. What are in-game items? Why are in-game items popular...

In what price ranges are game serial keys sold?

Are you a gamer who is always looking for the best deals on games? It's not really surprising. After all, everyone loves a good bargain. The K4G platform is one of those places where value goes hand in hand with quality. Factors influencing the...

What are Gift Cards and what types are there?

Have you ever wondered what those Gift Cards you keep hearing about are? If so, you've come to the right place because today we're going to take a closer look at them. Gift Cards are becoming increasingly popular as versatile gifts for all sorts of...

K4G Affiliate Program – how to earn some extra money?

K4G Affiliate is an easy and completely free program designed for everyone who is passionate about video games and affiliate marketing. Is it you? Perfect! Being our partner, you will be rewarded with extra cash for recommending K4G to others. Simply tell your friends and colleagues about K4G and when they buy a game – you get extra money – it’s that easy!

How to earn some extra money with K4G Affiliate Program?

Become K4G VIP Customer

Let’s start with the basics – a VIP member is a Very Important Person – it’s no different on K4G.
We give VIP members special care and service because they deserve it, and we strive to provide the best experience when using our store.
When you decide to join the VIP membership, you are joining an exclusive club that has to offer you even more of the best deals, games and other attractions designed only for customers like you.

Become K4G VIP Customer