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discounts Affiliate Program – promote and make money

What is What is an affiliate program? Can gamers use affiliate programs? Is Affiliate Program trustworthy? What are the most popular ways to make money online? What are the basic rules of Affiliate... VIP Discounts

Why are VIP memberships important in online stores offering digital goods? What is VIP membership? Do VIP membership offer periodical discounts? Why do gamers like discounts? Why are VIP memberships important in...

Introducing – K4G VIP membership

Are you looking for even lower prices on, dedicated member discounts, support priority and more? Or maybe you just want to support our site and our work in providing new game releases and the best deals? Now it is possible with our brand new VIP membership!

Introducing – K4G VIP membership

Summer Sale on!

As many seasoned gamers may know, summer might not be a time for the hottest new game releases, but it is definitely a time for the best game deals and highest discounts throughout the whole year!

Summer Sale K4G