K4G Purchase Protection

KPP is an optional feature that helps Customers while purchasing on our platform.

The service guarantees that all purchases made on K4G are protected. Please note that K4G Purchase Protection service is not applied if it won't be selected. Although it's not mandatory, it's highly recommended!

KPP ensures that you get the item as described, it protects your purchase from activation issues, our Customer Support will serve you with the highest priority, your transactions are covered with the most advanced level of security and in case the purchased product was faulty you are guaranteed a replacement key straight away.

The best benefits for your K4G experiance

Priority Support Line

All tickets and issues will be resolved immediately, simply You are the number one priority for our customer support.

Pre-Orders Priority

Your pre-orders will always be put first in the line and sent before other Customers that didn't include KPP even if they bought it sooner than you.

Be the FIRST to enjoy the newly released games!

100% Purchase Protection

You are assured that your purchase will be delivered consistently and efficiently in a secured environment.

Got a key that appears to be invalid? Let us confirm it and you will be given either a full refund or a working replacement code!

Secure Privacy

Your privacy is truly important to us, we work carefully and sensibly to keep all your information secure.

With the KPP we make certain that your privacy is protected on the highest level possible.

How to activate K4G Purchase Protection

KPP can be turned on during checkout, at the shopping cart stage. To activate it, simply click on the slider next to the KPP shield icon and the protection will be turned on from now on.

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